Care Instructions

We all have that piece of jewelry we love and want to last forever. The piece you loved from the first time you saw it, slipped it on and made it your own.  But the reality is, over time all fashion jewelry looses its shine, beauty and doesn't last forever.  That's why our prices are marked for you to be able to find piece after piece to fall in love with and make your own.

Following a few simple jewelry care practices can help preserve the live of your favorite pieces.

- Apply lotions & perfumes before and allow to dry prior to wearing your jewelry

- Keep away from moisture

- Remove before entering water

- Take off Jewelry when showering, exercising, sleeping

- When not in use, store your pieces in the jewelry box 

- Clean jewelry after every use with a dry cloth

- Store jewelry in individually in soft jewelry bags or box

Preserve your jewelry's plating properties by avoiding contact with cleaning agents, beauty products, water and chemicals.